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At Re-Nu Aesthetics, we offer body contouring treatments that target the root cause of your concerns by increasing natural collagen and elastin production. Our body contouring treatments provide men and women from different backgrounds with unique concerns the ability to improve the appearance of different problem areas and achieve natural results. By helping the body grow new collagen and elastin, we can accomplish several different goals, including tighter and firmer skin, increased volume in specific areas, and improved skin health.

Body Contouring

Sculptra and Radiesse are two popular dermal fillers, each with the ability to address common signs of facial aging including lines, wrinkles, and volume loss. Both fillers are classified as collagen biostimulators, that is they work to promote the growth of collagen and other skin firming proteins far after being injected. Additionally, Sculptra and Radiesse can often be used to address the same facial areas and both treatments are minimally painful and require no downtime.

With so much in common, it’s no wonder why many prospective filler patients consider Sculptra and Radiesse to be equivalent. However, nothing can be further from the truth. There are some very sizable differences between these two injectables.

Here’s how Sculptra differs from Radiesse, along with a rundown of the formula characteristics, benefits, drawbacks, and common applications for each filler.


Sculptra uses a formula containing the material called poly-L-lactic acid which is a synthetic material that is able to be absorbed by the body over time. It’s the same material used in implantable medical devices like dissolvable stitches and sutures. Sculptra uses an inflammatory response in order to trigger collagen production and thicken the skin. After being injected into the skin, Sculptra triggers the body’s immune system to create fibroblasts which surround the foreign body (filler). The process results in the production of collagen in the area, resulting in skin firming and thickening.


Radiesse is an injectable filler that combines a gel with tiny calcium microspheres called calcium hydroxylapatite, which is structurally similar to what is found in the bones and teeth. Like Sculptra, Radiesse is a biostimulator that activates fibroblasts to stimulate collagen production. However, Radiesse is non-inflammatory. Instead the calcium particles become embedded in the skin and act as a scaffold that promotes the growth of new surrounding tissue.


Both fillers have the ability to correct significant amounts of volume loss, which is the cause of sunken facial areas and sagging skin. Both Sculptra and Radiesse are also very good at addressing deep folds including the nasolabial folds. Both fillers can also address skin depressions like scars and stretch marks. While they are both suitable for hand rejuvenation, the viscosity of Radiesse makes it extremely effective in contouring the hands and mask the appearance of veins or tendons.

How Soon Results Appear

One of the biggest differences between Sculptra and Radiesse is how fast results can appear. It’s important to note that biostimulators do not create immediate results as it takes time for the body to produce collagen. Sculptra is no different as the filler requires between a few weeks and a month before the final desired end result is achieved. Radiesse is a little different since it provides an immediate volumizing effect (due to its highly viscous nature) combined with the long-term benefit of extended collagen production.

Tightening and Remodeling the Skin With Morpheus8

Morpheus8 is a modular RF fractional needling device that uses different needle depths ranging from .5 to 7mm to remodel the skin and promote collagen production. The device also uses radiofrequency energy to gently heat the dermal layers of the skin to encourage additional collagen and elastin production. The needling aspect of the treatment combined with radiofrequency energy targets collagen loss in a powerful way and can deliver dramatic yet natural results.

How It Works

Morpheus8 uses radiofrequency energy and needles to force the body to respond to the treatment process with new collagen growth. Both radiofrequency heat energy and microneedles cause micro-injuries within the skin’s structural layers. While these injuries aren’t visible, the body responds as though it’s been injured with a new collagen growth to heal the area.

The result is healthier, tighter, and firmer-looking skin. Morpheus8 treatments are an effective option for patients with moderate to severe skin laxity in different body areas. Tighter and healthier skin can increase your confidence and make you look younger, but it will also improve body contours and definition and make your muscle tone more visible.

What To Expect From the Treatment Process

If you are a good candidate for Morpheus8 treatments, we will create a treatment plan with this device to help tighten and tone your skin. We’ll begin the treatment by applying a topical numbing cream to ensure your comfort, and then we’ll use the device to create tiny injuries that reach from the skin’s surface into the deeper layers. The radiofrequency energy will create a warming sensation during the treatment and stimulate natural collagen production.

After your treatment, you may notice some visible results due to the immediate contraction of your body’s existing collagen. Results will become more noticeable in the weeks following treatment as new collagen grows in the treatment area and you achieve healthier and tighter-looking skin. You can schedule maintenance treatments every year to continue to improve skin health, maintain tight, elastic skin, and promote continued collagen growth and renewal.

Am I a Candidate?

The best candidates for our body contouring treatments are patients who want to address different aesthetic body concerns without undergoing a surgical procedure to do so. It’s important that patients have realistic expectations about not just this treatment process but about the results. Both of our treatment options will help improve the appearance and health of your skin, but the results will take time.

However, the results are also completely natural because they’ll stem from your body’s ability to grow new collagen as a result of these collagen-stimulating treatments. Never at any point will you look as though you underwent a cosmetic treatment or procedure to enhance your appearance. If you’re interested in one or more of these treatment options, we will schedule your consultation to determine the best treatment plan for you.

Address Skin Laxity and Volume Loss the Natural Way

Promoting collagen growth through different body sculpting treatments provides patients with a natural way to reverse the aging process without worrying about downtime, surgical techniques, or pain. Both Sculptra injections and Morpheus8 treatments can renew your skin, target skin laxity, and promote improved skin volume so you can still be you, just a healthier and younger-looking version. Contact us today at Re-Nu Aesthetics to schedule your consultation.