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IV Therapy

At Re-Nu Aesthetics, we offer IV therapy, a treatment far superior to simply taking your vitamin daily to reach your health and wellness goals. Our IVs are hydrating and restorative and contain a powerful combination of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that work to promote better health and wellness in less than an hour.

IV Therapy

What It Is

IV therapy is a restorative, anti-aging, and immune-boosting treatment process. During a single appointment, you will receive a powerful dose of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients administered directly into your bloodstream. Our different IV treatments can increase energy levels, combat fatigue, improve your skin, boost your immunity, and help you accomplish other aesthetic, health, and wellness-related goals.

How It Works

IV treatments are relaxing and pain-free. We will administer a standard IV into a vein in your arm. Once inserted, the right IV treatment will be administered, and the fluid will drip into your vein slowly for anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes. You’ll be able to relax throughout the treatment process and resume all your normal activities once it’s over.

Why It’s Better Than Your Daily Vitamin

IV therapy treatments are superior to your daily one-a-day vitamin because the vitamins don’t have to pass through the gastrointestinal tract. When you take an oral vitamin of any kind, the acid in your stomach breaks down the vitamin, causing a high percentage of that supplement to be excreted as waste and remain unused by the body.

IV therapy is different because it’s administered through an IV directly into your bloodstream, so you can feel confident during your treatment, knowing that your body will receive and use 100% of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in your IV.

Our Treatment Options

At Renu Aesthetics, we offer several different IV treatments that can meet the needs of different men and women. Depending on your circumstances, symptoms, and health, you may qualify for several different IVs. If that’s the case, we can design a treatment plan to schedule your IV therapy treatments accordingly so you can meet your health and wellness goals.


Dehydration causes many noticeable symptoms, including dry skin, infrequent urination, headache, fatigue, dizziness, and even nausea. Dehydration can also impact your ability to think clearly, which is why we offer an IV treatment called Hydrate that can flood your system with hydrating fluids to combat the effects of dehydration. This IV treatment can make all the difference in how you feel physically and mentally, and even how you look.


Our Fitness IV is custom-tailored to athletes and those who work out regularly and want to improve endurance and muscle recovery. It also gives their body exactly what it needs to perform optimally. If you feel fatigued after workouts and need something more than just your pre-and post-workout drink to help you recover, we can help.

Our Fitness IV will flood your system with hydrating fluids and essential vitamins and minerals to promote stronger muscles, faster recovery, and a healthier system.


Your immunity is critical both in and out of flu season because it ensures your body has what it takes to fight off illnesses and viruses. Our Immunity IV is the perfect treatment option to strengthen your immunity with something more effective than just an extra vitamin C tablet in the morning. This IV contains a powerful combination of immune-boosting vitamins, minerals, and ingredients that can fortify your body and protect you from illness. It’s also a good option for those currently dealing with a cold or virus, as it can help them recover faster.


You may have heard of an IV designed to reverse the side effects of a hangover, but we take it a step further. We offer a Pre-Party IV treatment that you can schedule before a long weekend, wedding, bachelor or bachelorette party, or any other time you plan on indulging in more than just a few cocktails. This IV is designed to hydrate your body before consuming any alcohol so that you don’t cause further damage to an already dehydrated system. It contains hydrating fluids, vitamins, and minerals that will support your overall system and help reduce the effects of a potential hangover. Whether you plan on consuming one drink or several, this IV will benefit your body in different ways.


Our After-Party IV is designed to combat and reverse the symptoms of a hangover. Whether you want a comprehensive treatment plan and schedule the Pre-Party IV and the After-Party IV or just the After-Party, you can expect noticeable benefits. This treatment is designed to promote recovery, hydration, increased energy levels, and ward off headaches, nausea, and lethargy.

Weight Loss

Effective weight loss takes the right combination of calorie burning and calorie reduction. However, there are minerals, vitamins, and ingredients that can promote weight loss, especially when administered through our IV therapy treatment. Our Weight Loss IV can enhance your weight management plan and help you reach your goal weight safely.

Energy Boost

If you’ve been feeling depleted and worn down, we have an IV treatment called the energy boost that can reinvigorate your body with a powerful combination of vitamins, minerals, and hydrating fluids. This IV promotes increased physical energy, which will, by default, help promote mental clarity and sharpness.


Healthy skin, hair, and nails require the right nutrition, vitamins, and minerals to promote healthy collagen production. If you’re looking for a treatment that can give you radiant hair, skin, and nails, look no further than our Radiance IV. This treatment will hydrate your skin, strengthen your nails, and promote visibly healthier hair. Whether you want to add this IV to your monthly beauty routine or schedule it before a special event to look your best, you will achieve a healthy glow and stronger system.

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IV therapy is a simple yet extremely effective way to support your health, reverse negative symptoms, and experience total hydration. We can develop a unique treatment plan that’s great for you and begin the treatment process so that you can experience all the benefits of a nutrient surplus and total hydration.

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