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JUVÉDERM® in Los Angeles, CA

Over time, your face can begin to lose some of its youthful volume. Whether because of a loss of fat pads or skin that has more laxity, this can contribute to an aged appearance of the face. With JUVÉDERM fillers we are able to restore facial volume, minimize wrinkles, and improve the contour of the face. 

At Re-Nu-Aesthetics we offer two different JUVÉDERM fillers, JUVÉDERM ULTRA XC and JUVÉDERM VOLUMA®. With these two products we can plump your lips, lift the cheeks, and create a contoured shape for the chin. Our goal is to find the perfect product to help you achieve the aesthetic that you want.


JUVÉDERM is a line of hyaluronic acid fillers that are used to lift and smooth the face. Hyaluronic acid is a slippery substance found in many areas of your body including your joints, your eyes, and your skin. It attracts water, helping to keep these areas hydrated and reducing wear and tear. The HA in JUVÉDERM is biocompatible and can be naturally dissolved by your body over time.

When injected into areas that are lacking volume, JUVÉDERM helps to fill in the space making wrinkles and folds less noticeable and providing more lift and structure to the face. It can create a more youthful appearance

What Can JUVÉDERM Treat? 

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

JUVÉDERM can be a good treatment to address any lines and wrinkles that you may have around your mouth, in your midface, or in other areas. When you lose collagen or fat pads in your face, JUVÉDERM can fill this extra space and make the surface of your skin smooth.

Loss of Volume

As you age, fat pads in the midface can begin to atrophy and lose volume. Over time, this can lead to hollowness in the cheeks and temples along with thinning of the lips. JUVÉDERM products can restore this volume, lift the cheeks, and provide a youthful shape and contour to the face. 

Lack of Contouring

If you have areas of your face that you wish had a more defined shape, JUVÉDERM products can provide this contouring. By injecting certain products more deeply, we can shape areas to create a better profile and add more volume where desired.

Our JUVÉDERM Products

At our wellness boutique, we use two products from JUVÉDERM’s line, JUVÉDERM ULTRA XC and JUVÉDERM VOLUMA XC. By carrying both products, we can treat a wider range of concerns including:

Restoring Volume in Cheeks

JUVÉDERM VOLUMA XC is used to treat age-related midface volume loss, particularly in the cheeks. If skin in this area has become less elastic or is beginning to sag, we can inject VOLUMA XC for natural-looking volume and lift.

Contouring and Augmenting the Chin

VOLUMA XC is also a good treatment for contouring and augmenting the chin. If you desire a more pronounced chin profile, this product is injected deep into the tissue to give the chin a shape that is well-balanced with your features.

Increase Volume in Lips

The JUVÉDERM lip filler that we use is JUVÉDERM ULTRA XC. This product has a thinner formulation, making it a better option for the soft tissue in the lips. JUVÉDERM for lips can add fullness to the lips, resolve vertical lip lines, and enhance the shape, texture, and color of the lips.

Frequently Asked Questions About JUVÉDERM

How Long Does JUVÉDERM Last?

Both JUVÉDERM VOLUMA XC and ULTRA XC can provide results for up to 1 year after injection. Over time your body can naturally dissolve the hyaluronic acid and you may need additional treatments to retain the desired results.

Are JUVÉDERM Products FDA-Approved?

Yes, all of JUVÉDERM’s products are FDA-approved for use in specific areas. The product has been evaluated in several different clinical studies, and JUVÉDERM is one of the most widely used dermal fillers.

What Are Treatments Like?

During your JUVÉDERM injections, your face will be cleansed and prepared for injections. Topical numbing cream may be applied, but since the products themselves contain lidocaine, this may not be necessary.

The filler will be injected using a syringe and a small needle. The amount that is injected as well as the location and depth will depend on the concerns that you have expressed and the plan that was made with us during your consultation. Depending on the scope of your treatment, your treatment can take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes.

Your consultation can be just as important as the treatment itself. As experienced injectors, we can offer a wide variety of looks with the same product so we will discuss what you are looking for from your JUVÉDERM treatments. Many of our patients want subtle lip augmentation and natural-looking changes to the structure and shape of their face while others may want to add more volume. We will discuss all of this along with which products are right for you at your appointment.

When Will You See Results?

You can see immediate results after you have had your JUVÉDERM injections. However, your results can change as the product settles into the skin and any swelling has gone down. You may need to wait several days to see your full results.

JUVÉDERM Injections in Los Angeles, CA

Whether you are interested in JUVÉDERM lip filler, chin augmentation, or mid-face lifting and volumizing, we can help with our dermal fillers. JUVÉDERM can provide excellent results for many of our patients by filling in lines, adding volume, and shaping the face without surgery. If you are ready to schedule your consultation, give us a call today at (323) 744-0404 or fill out our online form.